Back on Track Community Sustainment is about investing in Support, Management, Prevention and Enablement; not reacting to otherwise preventable emergencies that are reason mentoring program is so fatal to the sustainability of our client, to effectively build a new life and re-integrate into the society. This project will increase opportunities for vulnerable person / ex-offenders to take positive actions to progress in life, improve their confidence and engage in positive lifestyles/activities that will stop their vulnerability / re-offending. This new service was developed due to increasing need for intensive counseling & mentoring support for vulnerable young adults, who were re-settled in suitable accommodation but require additional help in order to enhance their rehabilitation process.

As part of our on- going service to our clients, we offer detailed tenancy management coaching to help them flourish once housed in our properties. We also provide regular tenant drop-in appointments, an advice line (staffed from 9 am to 5 pm) and a text alert service to help resolve tenancy or rent concerns quickly and easily 24/7.  We also arrange for our client to receive tenancy guidance and coaching during planned home visits along with practical advice on preparing for a future move-on.

It is our aim that all of our tenants successfully manage their tenancy with the support of our mentoring program and move into independent accommodation in a positive and planned way. In return, we ask that our tenants take responsibility for adhering to their tenancy agreement, paying rent on time, looking after their home and reporting repairs with all the support in place this has helped us in maintain 100% tenancy sustainment for all our tenants.

“Our Core Value”: personal outcomes for people, cost-benefit to the public purse, wider community benefit, and this program provide the environment where our clients and organisations with differing views and objectives can work together for the overall benefit of a sustainable future for our clients and Back on Track.