WHAT DO WE DO: Often when clients are released into the community they are deemed vulnerable without anywhere to live, under no priority housing need, and therefore they are unable to access settled accommodation under The Housing Act, with no jobs and with only £46.75 in their pockets. Back on Track housing offers “Bridge the GapHands- Holding Supported Housing Management services which enables this category of vulnerable client to access accommodation, employment, training and empowerment through our mentoring program

Our service does not only fulfill an urgent need for housing but also benefits encompasses wider aspects of the individual’s life to enhance their sense of self worth.

Back On Track providing facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupations in the interests of social welfare, for those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstance, have need of such facilities. We work in partnership with music industry to help some of our client who is inclined/has a natural talent for music to produce and in future for us to have self-serve studio.

We help by provide a comprehensive, inclusive and bespoke advice and guidance service to local unemployed, homeless and vulnerable applicants, to improve their quality of life giving them advice on how to obtain training, employment , accessing welfare benefits, housing, health and personal support systems

Back On Track, Works solely with Housing Associations and  private landlords across London who are prepared to work within the LHA rate and accept housing benefit claimant, we currently have an agreement with existing landlords to waive all rent deposit, however, we do provide one month’s rent in advance once tenancy agreement is signed and housing benefit is also backdated to the start date of the tenancy.

Back On Track will work with referral organisation that we have a service level agreement with and also accepts individuals referral who at risk of homelessness or homeless by request on phone or email.

Motto: Transforming lives, Transforming Communities; Charity No: 1160154                          Advice LAS