Back on Track Housing is a charitable organisation which aims to Support Vulnerable person/family prior to and on release to prevent homelessness, the chain of cycles of homelessness and re-offending among who are not eligible under the Housing Act. We provide hand-holding Intensive Supported Housing Management Services to bridge the gap and relieve poverty among homeless and vulnerable person.  We seek to help these vulnerable family and young single adult to build a new life by find suitable and sustainable accommodation.

We have successfully housed MORE clients with 100% tenant’s sustainment achieving this rate because of our commitment to our clients through on-going management support to resettle them back into the community. We are best known and most successful charitable organisation involved in assisting our clients to sustain their tenancy, enhance their levels of Housing Benefit entitlement through the Exempt Accommodation rules and the provision of Intensive Supported Housing Management services to people with additional needs.

The work that we have done has enabled many local authorities, third parties organisation and private landlords to maintain and develop a trust in our project and enhance the services they provide to people through us in the face of a very challenging funding environment.

We relieve hardship and distress through prevention of homelessness among men, women and especially young people/family. By providing or assisting with physical supplies to meet practical needs e.i referral for counseling and therapy; We provide mentoring classes for life enhancement for our clients.

Many vulnerable people are released into communities deemed single homeless, with not- priority, ends up on street or sleeping on friends sofa that makes them vulnerable and easy target for criminal activities. We work with them to identify their needs with right support infrastructure and raise their confidence not to rely solely on state benefits.

We are in a critical stage of our generation where the council can not provide the statutory duty to all customers regarding housing because of the housing shortage and many people can not afford the mortgage. Back On Track are here to bridge the Gap, given hand- holding support to help vulnerable family and single adults provide sustainable cares assistant in Housing, Employment and Welfare’s Benefit assessment advice.

We have been trained to interview customers in a sympathetic ways, with an understanding of their needs and to remain professional. Back on track staffs are committed to promoting and implementing equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice. We believe in equality and promoting diversity as all clients have a right to equal service. We work towards treating everyone equally, with respect and dignity. We are open and honest and communicate effectively well with clients and upholds the values of employers.

Motto: Transforming lives, Transforming Communities Charity No: 1160154