We have secured  7 bedspace units property at Brecknock Road as a Managing Agent with Clarion Housing Association. Back on Track Housing has a dababase of private landlords whom will have been working with to housed homeless person across London. Brecknock Road property will compliement all ours existing private landolrds properties.

Back on Track Mentoring and Intensive Housing Management has kicked off in a big way for in house residents with the help of DSP funding in getting our Resident’s Household Amenities to live in a comfortable and sustainable accommodation at Brecknock Road.

We’re also now operating from Brecknock Road , where we coordinating mentoring classes for all in house  Resident’s in order to enhance their skills.

These workshops have already aided the confidence of our current mentees as well as them understanding the importance of social awareness, self-worth and reason for tenancy sustainability.

These are all factors that contribute to their journey to getting back on track.



Charity No: 1160154