Our mission is to provide suitable, sustainable and decent accommodation with hand- holding Supported Management Services with up to date career advice. To make London a city of opportunity for all our tenants by sustaining their tenancy. We aim to support vulnerable persons and help to prevent the circles of homelessness within our communities.

A good home…
a place that is safe, warm, clean, light, well-maintained and evokes personal pride

A real sense of purpose…
This means regular endeavor – whether that be work, learning, personal development or volunteering – that people look forward to because it makes them feel valued.

A strong feeling of belonging…
that grows from active involvement in the neighborhood and the spirit of togetherness and friendliness that goes with that

To achieve this we are working towards keys aims which are to:

  • Tenancy sustainment and intensive Supported housing management service
  • provide great services and quality homes through private landlords within London
  • welfare benefits advice and financial inclusion and family support programmes
  • Employment and training programmes
  • Health and well-being advice
  • achieve influential growth
  • achieve business excellence

As a charitable organisation, we work in a customer focused front-line Supported Housing Management advisory roles for with local authorities, delivering a high and excellent quality management service to applicants, preventing homelessness within the borough for young families and vulnerable customers. With extensive knowledge in the private lettings scheme and we carried out significant work in the area of supporting tenants,  liaising with agencies, maintaining regular and effective liaison with Income Officers, referring tenants for Financial Counselling and working with tenants to agree on payment plans in order to sustain their tenancy.

Motto: Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities: Charity No: 1160154